Friday, June 10, 2011

Rescue Me. . .

     Here we are in our beautiful new home three weeks later, still having workmen in and out every day and a lot of boxes unpacked. Unfortunately, we still have serveral more days if not (a week or two) with workmen in and out and many, many more boxes to unpack!
     I so want to take some pictures to share with you BUT it seems each room is still incomplete!
    The laundry room has all the "stuff" in it BUT nothing is in its right place. I have made a sign, painted baskets and have the linings of the big baskets being embrodiered as I write. I also found the large plate hangers for the plates my various classes made for me at HCEP, BUT I still need to hang them. So no pictures on the laundry room!
    The kitchen has been somewhat organized and the pantry has been stocked. The bar stools for the island have been assembled and the  island has been "staged", BUT the sitting room on the side is a holding place for all the screened porch items until the floors and screens are cleaned and ready for set up. So who wants to see a picture of that!
  The living room looked nice for a day or two even with the 1980's fabric on the sofa and chairs BUT the sofa is now at the upholsterer, my new club chair was delivered yesterday BUT that meant both recliners are in the great room for seating until the sofa returns. And that is not even mentioning the double mantle has yet to be set up because the Audio/Visual guys are still installing the surround sound and the "speakers" have to be stragicially placed on the bookcase shelves for optium sound, of course. Then I can find pretty things to set in front of them to hid them. At least they are white and will "fade" into the bookcases to some degree. BUT, with that said, that room is not ready for its photo opt either.
   The master bedroom and bath have all their elements BUT they look like they are naked from the waist up as they still  need pictures and curtains to finish the look. SO I want be adding to the porno already out there in cyberland and send any pictures until they are fully "clothed".
   The dining room has its furnishings complete with new rug, which I love, BUT I have not had time to wash all the crystal, polish the silver and put them away which means, everything (even thought they are beautiful family pieces) are still on the, now extended to sit eight, table.  Pretty stuff, BUT not photo worthy!
    The foyer has the 200 + year old secretary in its place of honor BUT the things that go in it are still in those many, many boxes waiting to be unpacked that I mentioned earlier.
    BUT even in the 98 degree temperature here in Ala-damn-bama, we managed to put the four teak rockers together last Friday night, and get the bistro table set up on the deck!  So, your only chance to see pictures in this post, is of the deck!

    The wrought iron painted flowers is my attempt at getting color on the deck for now. I promise you they will live longer than anything I decide to plant out there anyway  :) Below is the view from those chairs.

    We have sit out there several times now and have had coffee out there every morning since. Love it!

    I have gotten to the point now where all the unpacking is not as overwhelming anymore. I pick a room or project one day at a time and that's my goal for the day. Some days I get it all done and can start another project, some projects take more than one day.
    Last week I was able to take a day off  for a "Girl's Day Out" with eight new friends and we went antique shopping all day. We had lunch at Lake Martin and continued shopping  to a town about 55 miles south of here ending up in an old drug store with a soda fountain! What fun! Believe it or not, I bought more furniture and goodies to decorate with!
    Sunday, one of those girls joined us for church and came back to the lake with us for a swim. It's funny how un-ready we were for that swim but we managed it anyway and enjoyed ourselves all afternoon floating off our swim dock for about three hours with our choice of beverage in hand.
 Ahhh! I have been rescued. Next week, I'll tackle more of those boxes.

 (Note to H ) you really need to order that swim ladder soon! Also, while you are at it, we need a pump to blow up all these floats and that new Relaxation Station before our next guests arrive.