Saturday, September 17, 2011

ain't it funny. . .How Time Slips Away?

      Can it possibly be more than a month since my last post? For those of you who check this blog more frequently, I apologize but have this to tell y'all in my defense. . . for starters, I FRIED my computer, at least that 's what H told me. I was able to save my all my data (thank goodness) but the motherboard / graphics card was completely screwed up. So we packed her up (after taking out my hard drive), and sent her back to Dell for a complete work over.   It seems that the new location for my computer is right under the window which sends the most sun directly into my space. (Note to self: Need window treatment or shutters immediately!)
     We went to Memphis for a long weekend and she just set there, day after day and the heat was too much for her. In the past, we have taken her with us but not this last trip.
     She was gone for more than a week and during that time we left for Chattanooga for our annual Labor Day weekend with my sisters and their husbands after which, they all came home with me to see our new house and they stayed a week. Lots was accomplished during that time. My sisters immediately attacked one of the storage areas with me and help me locate and re-locate items of all kinds. That meant more to me than they can possibly know. I love them very much and thank God for them daily not just for their help, but because I have sisters I can count on. We were not able to hang pictures as I and hoped (other projects and shopping got in the way) but they were able to help me talk about where to hang what, and that in itself was invaluable.
    After company and a day's rest, I started back at it again. I finally made the pleated valances for the sitting room area and we were able to get to Birmingham to purchase 2 more counter stools. We found that 4 was just not enough since company always finds their way to the island. . . which is just why I wanted it so big in the first place.  It has really been put to use by H and I and we have had quiet a few company meals there as well. To go along with the need for more seating, I found I don't have enough dinnerware either. I finally ordered the set I have had my eye on for more that a year now. I ordered 2 sets with an extra set of 4 plates.  At least now, I can feed 4 people 3 complete meals before washing dishes!
     If y'all bear with me a little longer, I promise to post a more informative post in a week or so complete with photos!  I just HAD to post today. . . 1) to let you know why it's been so long since my last post and. . . 2)  because today,  was a day to remember.  For those of you who may or may not remember, one year ago today, September 17, 2011, we Broke Ground!  We have been in our new house 4 months already, have had 2 major parties, and 9 sets of visitors.  If you have a chance to look back over this blog, you will see why it was important for me to post today. We have come a long way, and I was able to share some of it with you through this e journal and with my camera.
      Our lives have forever been changed  since that day and we are not looking back! Also, as if that is not enough. . .H and I met 45 years ago today. WHOA!