Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Back in the Saddle Again. . .

     Christmas has come and gone on the lake and now it is time to, as Gene Autry's song would say, "get back in the saddle again."  H and I are ready to get the rest of this house finished before summer.  We would like to enjoy more time on the lake in our boat this year. Seems like most of last  summer was spent unpacking boxes. We did get some quality time on the lake when family came, but after they left each time, it was back to the boxes.  Now even though ALL the boxes are not unpacked, there are less and less to unpack and reorganize which takes most of the guilt away and we can do more "fun" things. I still need to organize closets, drawers, etc., but at least I have things where they need to be.
    Our master bedroom really needs window treatments but as of now, we are not sure what we want. One option is plantation shutters, another is floor to ceiling panels with sheers between. Still debating that one. I am still looking for an upholstered chair for my bedroom. I have not given up entirely on "the baby" chair and  unlike H, think it is in good enough shape to put the money in and have it uphostered. Another debateable issue. *The baby chair is a the swivel rocker that I rocked my baby in the 1980's.  
   We have finally decided that we want to get plantation shutters for all the windows across the front of the house. That includes the master bath window (above the garden tub), the dining room windows and the windows on the side of the garage. Now, all we need to do is order them and get this ball rolling.  My guess is since we are still trying to decide on the bedroom, that is what is holding us back.
    As I have shown you in previous posts, I have had a fabric shade made for the powder room, and I made valances for the sitting area next to the kitchen. As of Thursday, with my sewing machine now working again, I made the last valance for the kitchen window. I have been waiting on that one as I was trying to decide if I wanted a fabric shade for that window as well. I finally decided to go for it! The shade came back and now all I (actually, H) needs to do, is hang it. The kitchen window is one of only two windows where there is sun that comes in at a bad angle. It's only in the summer and for only a brief period but I still felt I needed a shade on it. (The other window, remember, is in the CROFT. After it fried my computer, I moved my work stations to another wall and that hasn't been a problem anymore. I still need a window treatment on it, but is not a priorty now.)
     Speaking of the "croft". . .which it is now called because the bonus room over the garage that was originally suppose to be All crafts but is now being shared with H.  I "let" the builder add a window, wall and door to make H his own little "hidey hole" The word croft stands for Craft Room OFfice Together which my clever sister, Cheryl coined and is now used by everyone. And to really make it official, I made this sign from a photo I saw on Pinterest.

     I am saving my craft room photos until I do a little more re-arranging, but so far I am loving that space!  I have decided to go with a more modular set up rather than having all built-ins. Two reasons, one, the cost and two, the flexibility of moving things around to my satisfaction as I need.  It is a work in progress as well as a working space.  That still didn't keep me from being  up there every day in November getting an inventory ready because on December 1st, I had my first Alabama craft show! It was a one man show at a friend's house in Birmingham and it was my best show ever! As suspected, if it is anything Alabama or Auburn . . .it will sell. . . and did!  What a fun and profitable evening!

Some of these items you may have seen before but now has an Alabama or Auburn twist to it. Two new items this year were the wooden "holy family and "T-shirt" scarves (which this picture doesn't do justice to). The scarves was a great seller to the 30 somethings this year!

These scarves are so much fun to make and easy too!

     As promised, I have some photos of my wall of pictures or family gallery. I still have 12-15 more to add to this wall but need to get the 6 foot ladder inside and enlist a "little help from my friends" so I don't have to go up and down for each one. H, (being the friend) is on another schedule however. :)  Below is the landing wall going to the lower level. Remember this table I found at a flea market?

     This of course is considered the "people" wall. The photo below is at the top of the stairs. I call it the "places" wall or AKA my pen and ink /watercolor photos of places we have been or have lived. The large photo in the black frame was given to me from the parents of the last class I taught at Holy Comforter.  It is a pen and ink of our church back in Virginia where I taught as well as worshiped. What a special gift for me!

     The wall in the master bed room. . . going to the master bath has become the wedding wall. This is not a good photo but once again, pun intended. . . "you get the picture". The wall across from these photos are random photos of L&J or just L :)

     And as if I don't have enough pictures already, I have been adding my own. This is the J&J bathroom where I put all the antique hankies that have found at flea markets and (told you about) that I have framed. So far, there is an initial for every guest that has been to our home.  Help me add to this wall and "be our guest"! Sorry about the glare.
     I  love making these and have  been making them as gifts. . .and for other friend's homes. Maybe this will be added to my inventory next year. Your thoughts?  I am also framing antique doilies for friends.

Hankie monograms are P,S,H,J,C,A,L,and E in case you can't find yours.

       Not to bore you with every detail, but this has about got you caught up to date.  My sisters are coming for a week of antiquing, crafting, shopping, laughing and just pure fun. This is our annual sister get together and I am looking forward to it. That being said, I probabaly won't post again for a week or so. Who knows, maybe by then H will have hung my shade!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'll Be Home for Christmas. . .

     This was the song I began singing/humming on the first day of December and if you know me, I continued singing/humming it all month long! From the first day I pulled out all the Christmas decorations, I was in the mood. This was to be the first Christmas in 28 years that we ALL would wake up on Christmas morning IN OUR OWN HOME!  As most of you know, we have been going to Memphis almost every year since we moved to Virginia over 27 years ago.  Since we were in Memphis for Thanksgiving to celebrate H's mom's 93rd birthday, Christmas was to be spent in our new home on the lake! This was also the year that the Hargrove's got to host the newlyweds of almost 6 years now! (Last year, we got them for Thanksgiving) That all being said, this was to be a very special Christmas and it was!
   I was determined to decorate every square inch of this house and I tried. My first year ever to decorate the outside of the house was so much fun! I was so excited to hang garlands on the deck rail this year and I was very happy how it looked from the water. However, since the boat had been winterized, I have no photos from that vantage point. It looked very much like the front porch with eight sections of garlands and a red bow on each post. I was told it looked great from some neighbors who were still out in the boats during December. (As a side note in case I forget: Christmas day we heard a boat and looked out to see, you guessed it, Santa Claus skiing across the lake. . . red suit, beard and all.)
     After the lake side was decorated, I addressed the front of the house staring with the front porch. . .

Then the front door. . .

and let's not forget the garage. . .

     Just inside the front door in the foyer, I bought a 6 1/2 foot tree especially for my White House ornaments. This is something I have wanted to do for some time and was so happy to finally have a place to display these special ornaments. I have one for every year we lived in Virginia (27) and with them I hung all other ornaments such as the Capitol, Washington monument, the National Cathedral, the Kennedy Center, ShrineMont, etc. It made a lovely tree full of special memories.
The dining room was fun to do as well. I decided the "santa" room would go on the lower level this year but I had to have SOME santas to see daily. So I took an idea of Rosanne's and used some of my santas as a center piece for the dining room table. The main santas being, the JMU Santa and the VT Santa.

      Have you had a Christmas decorations overload yet? If not, here is what I did with the rest of the house. More garlands on the stairway going to the lower level. . .

    The lower level was turned into the "Santa room". Believe it or not, I did downsize my Santa collection this
year and promised Liz and Jarrett not to add more unless it is a "to die for" Santa. I don't even want to know what they plan to do with this collection someday, but I know for a fact that both Liz and H love it each year when the Santas come out and that, to me, is worth it. Sorry, I don't have pictures.
    Along with the Santas downstairs, I decorated a small tree for L,J and Savannah, I even made special ornaments for that tree. Before leaving Virginia, a friend had given me a fishing Santa and I picked an adirondack chair in an ornament exchange and I placed those with the tree on their dresser next to a sign that reads "Life is good at the Lake".
     Meanwhile on the main level. . . the one thing we had not thought about was the size of the Christmas tree for the great room. Our 7 1/2  foot tree in a room with 18 foot ceilings was gonna look kinda sad we thought. So one day out shopping with a friend at Hobby Lobby I spotted a pre lit 9 foot tree on display HALF PRICE! I called H and the next day, we drove back to Prattville ( about 20 miles south, close to Montogomery) and bought it. It was a hassle getting it in, putting it together and decorating it, but we think it was well worth the effort. What do you think?

This is not the best photo but this is what made the whole decorating, singing, cooking Christmas experience for us. . .our favorite presents under the tree!

                                                   We even had our own "Savannah Claws".

     Christmas Eve was spent with our dear friends, the Masons and some of their family. We all attended Christmas Eve services at our little church Trinity Episcopal which was also decked out for the holiday.

     I loved getting the house ready for Christmas and it was worth it! Along with decorating I found myself making cookies, candy and all sorts of snacks and breakfast foods for the holidays.
     During this period, we entertained a lot. Once the house was decorated, I had the "lake ladies" over for a knitting session after Jane Mason had us at her house for a delicious brunch. Linda and Steve who had just moved to Alabama from the Nashville area, met us in Clanton for lunch and we then came back to the lake for dessert and coffee on the deck. What a relaxing afternoon with friends. We also had all our new friends on the lake to join us for an open house where I presented the "guys" with their T-shirts I had designed for them. That, too, was a fun evening with friends!
(As a recap: H has teamed with several guys and their dogs on the lake who walk 5 out of 7 mornings a week down to the gate and back (approximately 3 miles) We have named them the "Walkie Talkies".  H loves doing this and his latest doctor visit/test results shows it has really been good for him health wise. Yea! H.)

     After Christmas Eve services  (service was at 6pm here), the Masons, the Johnstons ( Claudia and Jeremy) joined us for a holiday nightcap. And  then L and J came back this way, with their friends Bryan and Erica, on their way to cheer on the Hokies at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.
    When it was time for everything to be put away, I took my time. I really organized all the decorations by labeling it, got rid of some well-worn decor and put everything away in its place for next year. That, in itself, made me feel good! 
   As for our first Christmas on the lake. . .  the song lyrics say, "I'll be home for Christmas ...if only in my dreams". My version would be, "I was home for Christmas and it will forever be in  my dreams." ( don't try to sing it. . .it doesn't work :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Autum leaves. . .

   Note to my blog followers: I  apologize to all of you who have checked up on us via my blog site and found me to be MIA. My intentions were good, I promise, I just wasn't sure what to blog about and didn't think you wanted to see bits and pieces of projects of my decorating the house. Several months have passed since my last blog and I am slowly but surely getting things finished and would now like to
share. . . if you are still interested.
      I started this blog back in October and after re-reading what I had started back then, I decided to leave it in and take this post quickly through October and November. I will probably start writing the December post in the next day or two and take you up to today which is January 26.

                                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     Autum came to Lake Mitchell!  I am here to tell you, it was beautiful, relaxing and continues to mesmerize me as I sit and just look out my window.  This photo was taken from my deck.

        Even the fog coming off the lake in the morning is such a beautiful sight! I love watching the sun break through the fog as I have my morning coffee.  The large picture windows in the great room is my viewpoint these days because it is just a tad cool on the porch. The days continue to be sunny after the fog burns off.

      It's a wonder to me how I get anything done around here, but I assure you I am still hard at work putting things in order, making curtains, hanging pictures and buying and/or refinishing old furniture.  Below is the pleated valances I made for the sitting room area.


      I am still trying to "purpose" this room as I continue to look for furniture and rugs to warm up the area. Rosanne brought me some dried hydrangeas on her last visit and we just HAD to go antiquing to find the perfect vase. I think we found it! What do you think?  The table is a table I found in Vienna about 5 years ago and started to sand it down to re-paint it. As I was sanding it, I found the table had a slight slant. I was too lazy to go to the basement, get my saw, level and tape measure so I could level the legs so it was put aside in the garage and  it stayed there until we had the last garage sale before we moved. I was going to sell it but a customer noticed it and asked, how much for the prayer table? Realizing what it was and being so happy I had not leveled it's legs, it now has a new home.   I, however, did not refinish it. I have found a wonderful young woman who did that for me.

   She has done several other pieces for me including the maple bedroom set H had as a boy, which was painted white and distressed and looks great in one of the Jack and Jill bedrooms. . .doesn't it Lala?
   As mentioned  in an earlier blog, my brother-in-law, Paul suggested a small desk be placed in this area to help "purpose" the room. So, on an outing with a friend at a local Flea Market, I happened across a desk that fit the description! It was the right size for the window and it had a chair! After being told the price,($45.00 for both desk and chair), I didn't even bring it home or discuss it with H. I did not pass GO or collect $100, I immediately called my refinisher to see if I could drop it off! Within a week I had  it back and now in it's new home until I find something I might like better.

     The chair seat cushion has now been redone with the same fabric to match the valances.  I still need to find a  nice rug to cozy up and define this area, but for now, this works for me!

     Halloween and Thanksgiving came and went  on The Ridge.We went to Memphis to help celebrate H's mom's 93th birthday which happen to fall on Thanksgiving day this year. I did manage to decorate for both holidays and I love having a chance to get out all my "fun" decor that I have made in the past. I must confess though, that when I was getting out Christmas decorations, I found more Thankgiving and Halloween "stuff" that I had made. .  most of which I had forgotten I had.
    Another room I have finally put together is the powder room on the main floor. I found a local lady the laminates fabric on shades and decided that was what this room needed. The table in this room was also another find back in Virginia but was never refinished. I must say I have kept the local "craftmen" such as an upholsterier and furniture refinisher fairly busy this past six months and now a shade laminater has been added to my list of craftsmen.

   *You may have figured it out by now, but I love going to Flea Markets and repurposing things I find with the help of a new found website called Pinterest. Here are some photos to share. . .

                   When I saw this on Pinterest I went on a quest for old snuff bottles to help me create it for my Thanksgiving decor. Another idea I found in an antique store and decided I could recreate it myself was framing old antique monogramed hankies. I now have found the monogram for everyone in my family and a few friends who have come to visit us. I have them hanging together in the J&J bathroom.  Below is only a few of them. The one with the glare is a H.  I have made 10-12 all together but haven't photographed them. The hardest part was finding the small square frames. . .but that too, is part of the fun. I will post the whole grouping soon. I also made some of these for gifts this past Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas. . . check me out in a few days as I post photos of our first Christmas on the lake, my first craft show in Alabama, several repurposing ideas found on Pinterest and some more completed house projects.
NOTE: As of this past week, I have hung more than 100 pictures in the house! Yay Me! This has been on my TO DO List for a long time.  No more boxes on the stairway landing! I even took the time to print out labels to go on the back of each photo. I put the name, birth/death date and relation to Liz so she will know who these people are.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ain't it funny. . .How Time Slips Away?

      Can it possibly be more than a month since my last post? For those of you who check this blog more frequently, I apologize but have this to tell y'all in my defense. . . for starters, I FRIED my computer, at least that 's what H told me. I was able to save my all my data (thank goodness) but the motherboard / graphics card was completely screwed up. So we packed her up (after taking out my hard drive), and sent her back to Dell for a complete work over.   It seems that the new location for my computer is right under the window which sends the most sun directly into my space. (Note to self: Need window treatment or shutters immediately!)
     We went to Memphis for a long weekend and she just set there, day after day and the heat was too much for her. In the past, we have taken her with us but not this last trip.
     She was gone for more than a week and during that time we left for Chattanooga for our annual Labor Day weekend with my sisters and their husbands after which, they all came home with me to see our new house and they stayed a week. Lots was accomplished during that time. My sisters immediately attacked one of the storage areas with me and help me locate and re-locate items of all kinds. That meant more to me than they can possibly know. I love them very much and thank God for them daily not just for their help, but because I have sisters I can count on. We were not able to hang pictures as I and hoped (other projects and shopping got in the way) but they were able to help me talk about where to hang what, and that in itself was invaluable.
    After company and a day's rest, I started back at it again. I finally made the pleated valances for the sitting room area and we were able to get to Birmingham to purchase 2 more counter stools. We found that 4 was just not enough since company always finds their way to the island. . . which is just why I wanted it so big in the first place.  It has really been put to use by H and I and we have had quiet a few company meals there as well. To go along with the need for more seating, I found I don't have enough dinnerware either. I finally ordered the set I have had my eye on for more that a year now. I ordered 2 sets with an extra set of 4 plates.  At least now, I can feed 4 people 3 complete meals before washing dishes!
     If y'all bear with me a little longer, I promise to post a more informative post in a week or so complete with photos!  I just HAD to post today. . . 1) to let you know why it's been so long since my last post and. . . 2)  because today,  was a day to remember.  For those of you who may or may not remember, one year ago today, September 17, 2011, we Broke Ground!  We have been in our new house 4 months already, have had 2 major parties, and 9 sets of visitors.  If you have a chance to look back over this blog, you will see why it was important for me to post today. We have come a long way, and I was able to share some of it with you through this e journal and with my camera.
      Our lives have forever been changed  since that day and we are not looking back! Also, as if that is not enough. . .H and I met 45 years ago today. WHOA!  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Take a Look at Me Now. . .

     You may notice that my blog posts are getting to be far and few between but this is just for the present. As I have mentioned, we have had several visitors since we moved in and between each visit, we are still trying to put the house in order. So far, no visitor has seen the house completely done or with all its furniture. We keep sending pieces out to be re-covered between visits. And as we get more and more things unpacked, placed where they need to be or just put away, we are finding more little niches where we need (believe it or not) MORE things! The good thing about that is it gives me a reason (as if) to go shopping! With that being said, I am having a wonderful time going to Flea Markets with my new friends here in the South looking for things to "re-purpose"!  Old things for my new house, go figure!
      I have already shown you some of the items I have  found, refurbished, and/or upholstered.  Check out the "Feeling Groovy" post to see the two chairs I found which are copies of the dining room chairs my parents had when they set up housekeeping in 1942, and when I saw them, HAD to have them. I have had Mother's corner cabinet for several years now and had it re finished while living in Virginia. These two chairs can also be added to my dining set as needed for company.  The table that is between these chairs, I found at a local antique shop in Clanton called Remember When.  It too, only need a little polish to bring it back to it's natural glory. The chairs are  in the sitting area off the kitchen for right now. I am still trying to define this area and during his last visit, my brother-in-law suggested I add a woman's writing desk to this area. I completely agree with him! We need a place for the phone, calendar, pens, pencils, etc. (taking this clutter off my bar) and this makes a lot of sense. I mentioned this to a friend here on the lake that I would be on the lookout for this  and would you believe she has an antique woman's writing desk that has no place to go in her house! Haven't seen it yet, but I have first dibs! Still need a rug to complete this area. Thanks for the idea, Paul! My next find was a table to go on the landing going down stairs. As everything else, this is still a work in progress and it will look more complete when a rug is added, a taller lamp and the photos are up on the wall behind it, which will be a re-creation of the family gallery I had in Virginia going UP the stairway.

Before I go any further, I MUST show you the wingback chairs I just got back. I have taken the Martha Washington chair in for recovering and that will be the last of the pieces I needed redone for this house. I have been soooo pleased with our upholsterer. Check out the sofa and stripped chairs in the post with the chairs to see how well all the fabrics go together. He has done an awesome job on all our pieces . . .and for a fraction of the cost to replace them!



            I also found and recovered a foot stool to go with these chairs if needed. I, for one, will use it!

A couple of other treasures found while out and about was a tall tin urn to go on the hearth of the stone fireplace. What a deal at $12.00!


The wine butler I found on another trip and just had to have him.  Linda had given P&R his big brother, who holds an ice bucket, some years ago for Christmas and I have always loved it.

       It been a blast going out with "the girls" looking for these treasures. I am slowly filling up the bookcase with some fun books to display such as  The White House Cookbook published during the Taft, Wilson Cleveland administrations and a must have, Teenagers of the Fifties, lest we forget Elvis, Giget, Tammy, Fabian and Frankie and Annette!  My latest find was James Patterson's The Lakehouse. What more can I say?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Up, Up and Away. . .

       Anybody remember why I felt the need to design and have a cabinet maker construct a double mantle? If not, when I say 18 foot ceilings, does that help jog your memory?  This all came about after realizing how tall the great room ceilings were going to be.  I had seen this photo of a double mantle in some design book and decided that was exactly what we needed to bring that ceiling down PLUS I loved the two urns pictured on each side of the book case. I thought this would  help to fill up those walls above it. Below is a photo I took of the mantle before some guests arrived so that it would look "kinda" organized.

      Each day when I sit, I find myself arranging and rearranging things for that very large "focal point" in my living room. One thing I quickly figured out is that I now have 40 feet of book shelves and not nearly enough hard back books! (Unless you count children's books and then I would need more book cases) That was quickly remedied last Tuesday when the VeeGee's had their monthly outing and we went to a very neat Flea Market called Prattville Pickers. As I was scouting the booths for tables (still need to fill in some spaces; one being on the landing going to the lower level), I spotted a John Grisham that I had not read. All of mine are paper back because I always bought them to read at the beach or on trips.  But seeing the hard back made me think that some of his books would work on my book shelves. In fact, for $2.00 each, I was able to buy 8 and would have bought more if I could have remembered which ones I needed. I now have a list of all his other books and am back on a quest for the remaining books. OK, that covered 3/4 of one shelf, what now? I know I have more books packed away but have not gotten them all unpacked yet. . .so I will just keep adding items to fill up the space and rearrange as I go along.  Another work in progress. (Note: I did find the perfect demilune table for the landing and will add the photo on another blog.)
      This photo below was taken after we borrowed a 10 foot ladder to hoist the urns to their place of honor about 12 feet up in our living room! Believe me, this was no small feat!  The urns are about 2 1/2 feet tall  and weight about 30 pounds each. It took both us, a 10 ft. ladder plus a bar stool on the bookcase, to get them up there.  After the urns were placed, I was able to start adding my books, special items and family heirlooms and of course, a few pictures (y'all knew that was coming) to make these bookcases look "put together".  NOTE:  Don't be surprised if I post another picture with everything changed around again. One thing for sure, those urns are not going anywhere!

     The screened porch is another work in progress. Unfortunately, this has been a kind of disappointment for us. We had visions and hopes of spending a LOT of time out there BUT when building it, we had not realized  where the weather would come from and since we are way out on the point, it has become more trouble than it is worth.  We are constantly bringing the cushions in and out as well as the "decor" (which the wind would take care of if we didn't). We also have to think about it when we are away in case an afternoon storm kicks up. BUMMER!  We have been considering having it glassed in to become a sun room, but that may have to wait.  In the meantime, we may need to find some blinds or shades to ward off wind and rain. Any ideas out there? Anyway, since we want to use it when we can, today I touched up all the scratches made from the move and started designing my Flamingo Lounge South coasters.

      Did I mention that my metal Flamingo with the flip flops and ankle bracelet was damaged in the move? If not, I may not have mentioned that I found someone to weld the legs back on....but before I picked it up, one of his sales people sold it! He offered me a new metal flamingo and the money he received for it but I really didn't want to replace it, so check out the urn on the hearth that he gave me in it's place! (see picture below) Could not believe the color was the same as my living room! Love it!

    With more company coming next week, it is about time to start thinking about picture hanging. As I have unpacked my pictures, I have been placing them in the rooms or leaning them on the wall where I think I want them to go.  I have been considering where the collages would go as well, i.e. wedding wall, family gallery and pen and ink collages.  That may take more thinking about. So I guess it's time to pull out the hammer and nails and make a decision.  Hopefully I can get it right the first time. . .if not, one can always change her mind  'cause we have spackle and lots of paint left over!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling Groovy. . .

   Things are finally starting to come together. . .at least in one or two rooms. The great room is beginning to look like the room I was seeing, in my mind's eye anyway.  But even with the addition of the newly upholstered sofa, there seemed to be something missing. So once again, I set down at my machine, (thank you Mama for teaching me to sew) and started making pillows for the sofa. I had only planned to make two, one for each end using the brown paisley shown in my last post. . .BUT since I had leftover fabric from my sofa,  I decided to add a couple more.  It only seemed fitting to make two pillows to match the sofa. First, there had to be a decision about trim. Fringe or cording? Couldn't decide. But the decision was made for me when I went to buy the fringe in question and they had none! It was priced at $6.99 a yard and I need almost 4 yards per pillow. As most of you know, I taught Pre-K and we don't do 2-diget Math, but I figured out (by rounding up) that it was almost $25 per pillow. So I quickly told the lady to cut me 10 yards of the $.29 a yard cording and my decision was made! Love the results and am a firm believer that some things happen for a reason. Today we took the two wingbacks chairs to Mr. Davis! He has done a great job on all my  fabric pieces and can't wait until these two come back in a couple of weeks and then the entire great room will be furnished. . .just need to add the accessories and arrange the bookcases.


     After making 5 pillows (I made a smaller one for the stripped chair not to be left out),  I decided it was time to try my hand at re-covering  and refurbishing chairs.  So I pulled out the old chairs I had found  at a local antique shop. I lightly sanded them with steel wool and applied a coat of "refinishing stain" to enhance their look and then covered the old seats with a new fabric that I also plan on making roman shades with, and they turned out pretty decent. I had previously purchased a pedestal table from a new antique dealer friend of mine, to set between them, so I added a little elbow-grease to it at well and voila` a cute little sitting area off the kitchen! There is an "all girl" trip planned in the fall to a go to a large Flea Market in Atlanta where one can find all sorts of treasures. . .I will be looking for a rug and lamp to complete this little spot. BUT I just remembered, my new VeeGee's (Verbena Girls) and I are going on our monthly outing next week and we are going to a large flea market in Prattville (just this side of Montgomery) and who knows? Maybe I won't need to wait til fall. (Note: For a future post, show the last treasures found on an outing to Alexander City PLUS the house warming gift these ladies found and gave to me.)
This is my chair. . .before

Anyone for tea? 

After these projects, I was on a roll. I am still trying to "stage" my dining room table but not sure what I want to "feature" in the center.  It definitely needed a runner to soften the wood, so I made what is called a table topper since it doesn't actually "run" the length of the table. The photo doesn't do the fabric justice but here's it is anyway.

      Can you tell I and getting my "Crafting Groove" back on?
      I feel I must tell you that this blog may now turn into sharing my little projects for the house as well as some of my usual crafting stuff. The house is built and now you will be viewing the details of making this house a home. I have really enjoyed sharing this adventure with y'all and have had so many positive comments that I felt I wanted to continue writing this electronic journal. So for all of you who know me, and want to see what I'm up to, I would love for you to join me as I continue retired life doing all the things a retired person does. . .absolutely anything I want to do!
     At this point I will share my little project I have been dying to make for all my new neighbors on The Ridge to thank them for their warm welcome. These are called boat fenders for all my non-boating friends and I personalized them to hang in their boat houses rather than to be used as a fender. Since I am a crafter and not a photographer, you won't be able to see all the embellishments on each fender since I couldn't photograph in the round, but you get the "picture".

Roll Tide with the Masons
Enjoy a Dip at the Fosters

It's Toddy Time at the Phillips
It's Anchors Aweigh at "guess who?"

     Don't worry, it won't be all about crafts, I still need to design and decorate the "croft" but I need to live with it a little longer to see what I want to do. First thing first, organize and re-purpose is the buzz words for this room. It's a great space but now I have to make it work for me by organizing what I have and I think it will be fun to re-purpose items that I already have here first before having cabinets and counters made. I've lots of ideas already but may be early Fall before I get started. . .too much going on now to think about it now. My next guests are due to arrive next week!