Saturday, July 23, 2011

Up, Up and Away. . .

       Anybody remember why I felt the need to design and have a cabinet maker construct a double mantle? If not, when I say 18 foot ceilings, does that help jog your memory?  This all came about after realizing how tall the great room ceilings were going to be.  I had seen this photo of a double mantle in some design book and decided that was exactly what we needed to bring that ceiling down PLUS I loved the two urns pictured on each side of the book case. I thought this would  help to fill up those walls above it. Below is a photo I took of the mantle before some guests arrived so that it would look "kinda" organized.

      Each day when I sit, I find myself arranging and rearranging things for that very large "focal point" in my living room. One thing I quickly figured out is that I now have 40 feet of book shelves and not nearly enough hard back books! (Unless you count children's books and then I would need more book cases) That was quickly remedied last Tuesday when the VeeGee's had their monthly outing and we went to a very neat Flea Market called Prattville Pickers. As I was scouting the booths for tables (still need to fill in some spaces; one being on the landing going to the lower level), I spotted a John Grisham that I had not read. All of mine are paper back because I always bought them to read at the beach or on trips.  But seeing the hard back made me think that some of his books would work on my book shelves. In fact, for $2.00 each, I was able to buy 8 and would have bought more if I could have remembered which ones I needed. I now have a list of all his other books and am back on a quest for the remaining books. OK, that covered 3/4 of one shelf, what now? I know I have more books packed away but have not gotten them all unpacked yet. . .so I will just keep adding items to fill up the space and rearrange as I go along.  Another work in progress. (Note: I did find the perfect demilune table for the landing and will add the photo on another blog.)
      This photo below was taken after we borrowed a 10 foot ladder to hoist the urns to their place of honor about 12 feet up in our living room! Believe me, this was no small feat!  The urns are about 2 1/2 feet tall  and weight about 30 pounds each. It took both us, a 10 ft. ladder plus a bar stool on the bookcase, to get them up there.  After the urns were placed, I was able to start adding my books, special items and family heirlooms and of course, a few pictures (y'all knew that was coming) to make these bookcases look "put together".  NOTE:  Don't be surprised if I post another picture with everything changed around again. One thing for sure, those urns are not going anywhere!

     The screened porch is another work in progress. Unfortunately, this has been a kind of disappointment for us. We had visions and hopes of spending a LOT of time out there BUT when building it, we had not realized  where the weather would come from and since we are way out on the point, it has become more trouble than it is worth.  We are constantly bringing the cushions in and out as well as the "decor" (which the wind would take care of if we didn't). We also have to think about it when we are away in case an afternoon storm kicks up. BUMMER!  We have been considering having it glassed in to become a sun room, but that may have to wait.  In the meantime, we may need to find some blinds or shades to ward off wind and rain. Any ideas out there? Anyway, since we want to use it when we can, today I touched up all the scratches made from the move and started designing my Flamingo Lounge South coasters.

      Did I mention that my metal Flamingo with the flip flops and ankle bracelet was damaged in the move? If not, I may not have mentioned that I found someone to weld the legs back on....but before I picked it up, one of his sales people sold it! He offered me a new metal flamingo and the money he received for it but I really didn't want to replace it, so check out the urn on the hearth that he gave me in it's place! (see picture below) Could not believe the color was the same as my living room! Love it!

    With more company coming next week, it is about time to start thinking about picture hanging. As I have unpacked my pictures, I have been placing them in the rooms or leaning them on the wall where I think I want them to go.  I have been considering where the collages would go as well, i.e. wedding wall, family gallery and pen and ink collages.  That may take more thinking about. So I guess it's time to pull out the hammer and nails and make a decision.  Hopefully I can get it right the first time. . .if not, one can always change her mind  'cause we have spackle and lots of paint left over!

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