Friday, August 12, 2011

Take a Look at Me Now. . .

     You may notice that my blog posts are getting to be far and few between but this is just for the present. As I have mentioned, we have had several visitors since we moved in and between each visit, we are still trying to put the house in order. So far, no visitor has seen the house completely done or with all its furniture. We keep sending pieces out to be re-covered between visits. And as we get more and more things unpacked, placed where they need to be or just put away, we are finding more little niches where we need (believe it or not) MORE things! The good thing about that is it gives me a reason (as if) to go shopping! With that being said, I am having a wonderful time going to Flea Markets with my new friends here in the South looking for things to "re-purpose"!  Old things for my new house, go figure!
      I have already shown you some of the items I have  found, refurbished, and/or upholstered.  Check out the "Feeling Groovy" post to see the two chairs I found which are copies of the dining room chairs my parents had when they set up housekeeping in 1942, and when I saw them, HAD to have them. I have had Mother's corner cabinet for several years now and had it re finished while living in Virginia. These two chairs can also be added to my dining set as needed for company.  The table that is between these chairs, I found at a local antique shop in Clanton called Remember When.  It too, only need a little polish to bring it back to it's natural glory. The chairs are  in the sitting area off the kitchen for right now. I am still trying to define this area and during his last visit, my brother-in-law suggested I add a woman's writing desk to this area. I completely agree with him! We need a place for the phone, calendar, pens, pencils, etc. (taking this clutter off my bar) and this makes a lot of sense. I mentioned this to a friend here on the lake that I would be on the lookout for this  and would you believe she has an antique woman's writing desk that has no place to go in her house! Haven't seen it yet, but I have first dibs! Still need a rug to complete this area. Thanks for the idea, Paul! My next find was a table to go on the landing going down stairs. As everything else, this is still a work in progress and it will look more complete when a rug is added, a taller lamp and the photos are up on the wall behind it, which will be a re-creation of the family gallery I had in Virginia going UP the stairway.

Before I go any further, I MUST show you the wingback chairs I just got back. I have taken the Martha Washington chair in for recovering and that will be the last of the pieces I needed redone for this house. I have been soooo pleased with our upholsterer. Check out the sofa and stripped chairs in the post with the chairs to see how well all the fabrics go together. He has done an awesome job on all our pieces . . .and for a fraction of the cost to replace them!



            I also found and recovered a foot stool to go with these chairs if needed. I, for one, will use it!

A couple of other treasures found while out and about was a tall tin urn to go on the hearth of the stone fireplace. What a deal at $12.00!


The wine butler I found on another trip and just had to have him.  Linda had given P&R his big brother, who holds an ice bucket, some years ago for Christmas and I have always loved it.

       It been a blast going out with "the girls" looking for these treasures. I am slowly filling up the bookcase with some fun books to display such as  The White House Cookbook published during the Taft, Wilson Cleveland administrations and a must have, Teenagers of the Fifties, lest we forget Elvis, Giget, Tammy, Fabian and Frankie and Annette!  My latest find was James Patterson's The Lakehouse. What more can I say?

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