Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling Groovy. . .

   Things are finally starting to come together. . .at least in one or two rooms. The great room is beginning to look like the room I was seeing, in my mind's eye anyway.  But even with the addition of the newly upholstered sofa, there seemed to be something missing. So once again, I set down at my machine, (thank you Mama for teaching me to sew) and started making pillows for the sofa. I had only planned to make two, one for each end using the brown paisley shown in my last post. . .BUT since I had leftover fabric from my sofa,  I decided to add a couple more.  It only seemed fitting to make two pillows to match the sofa. First, there had to be a decision about trim. Fringe or cording? Couldn't decide. But the decision was made for me when I went to buy the fringe in question and they had none! It was priced at $6.99 a yard and I need almost 4 yards per pillow. As most of you know, I taught Pre-K and we don't do 2-diget Math, but I figured out (by rounding up) that it was almost $25 per pillow. So I quickly told the lady to cut me 10 yards of the $.29 a yard cording and my decision was made! Love the results and am a firm believer that some things happen for a reason. Today we took the two wingbacks chairs to Mr. Davis! He has done a great job on all my  fabric pieces and can't wait until these two come back in a couple of weeks and then the entire great room will be furnished. . .just need to add the accessories and arrange the bookcases.


     After making 5 pillows (I made a smaller one for the stripped chair not to be left out),  I decided it was time to try my hand at re-covering  and refurbishing chairs.  So I pulled out the old chairs I had found  at a local antique shop. I lightly sanded them with steel wool and applied a coat of "refinishing stain" to enhance their look and then covered the old seats with a new fabric that I also plan on making roman shades with, and they turned out pretty decent. I had previously purchased a pedestal table from a new antique dealer friend of mine, to set between them, so I added a little elbow-grease to it at well and voila` a cute little sitting area off the kitchen! There is an "all girl" trip planned in the fall to a go to a large Flea Market in Atlanta where one can find all sorts of treasures. . .I will be looking for a rug and lamp to complete this little spot. BUT I just remembered, my new VeeGee's (Verbena Girls) and I are going on our monthly outing next week and we are going to a large flea market in Prattville (just this side of Montgomery) and who knows? Maybe I won't need to wait til fall. (Note: For a future post, show the last treasures found on an outing to Alexander City PLUS the house warming gift these ladies found and gave to me.)
This is my chair. . .before

Anyone for tea? 

After these projects, I was on a roll. I am still trying to "stage" my dining room table but not sure what I want to "feature" in the center.  It definitely needed a runner to soften the wood, so I made what is called a table topper since it doesn't actually "run" the length of the table. The photo doesn't do the fabric justice but here's it is anyway.

      Can you tell I and getting my "Crafting Groove" back on?
      I feel I must tell you that this blog may now turn into sharing my little projects for the house as well as some of my usual crafting stuff. The house is built and now you will be viewing the details of making this house a home. I have really enjoyed sharing this adventure with y'all and have had so many positive comments that I felt I wanted to continue writing this electronic journal. So for all of you who know me, and want to see what I'm up to, I would love for you to join me as I continue retired life doing all the things a retired person does. . .absolutely anything I want to do!
     At this point I will share my little project I have been dying to make for all my new neighbors on The Ridge to thank them for their warm welcome. These are called boat fenders for all my non-boating friends and I personalized them to hang in their boat houses rather than to be used as a fender. Since I am a crafter and not a photographer, you won't be able to see all the embellishments on each fender since I couldn't photograph in the round, but you get the "picture".

Roll Tide with the Masons
Enjoy a Dip at the Fosters

It's Toddy Time at the Phillips
It's Anchors Aweigh at "guess who?"

     Don't worry, it won't be all about crafts, I still need to design and decorate the "croft" but I need to live with it a little longer to see what I want to do. First thing first, organize and re-purpose is the buzz words for this room. It's a great space but now I have to make it work for me by organizing what I have and I think it will be fun to re-purpose items that I already have here first before having cabinets and counters made. I've lots of ideas already but may be early Fall before I get started. . .too much going on now to think about it now. My next guests are due to arrive next week!