Thursday, January 26, 2012

Autum leaves. . .

   Note to my blog followers: I  apologize to all of you who have checked up on us via my blog site and found me to be MIA. My intentions were good, I promise, I just wasn't sure what to blog about and didn't think you wanted to see bits and pieces of projects of my decorating the house. Several months have passed since my last blog and I am slowly but surely getting things finished and would now like to
share. . . if you are still interested.
      I started this blog back in October and after re-reading what I had started back then, I decided to leave it in and take this post quickly through October and November. I will probably start writing the December post in the next day or two and take you up to today which is January 26.

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     Autum came to Lake Mitchell!  I am here to tell you, it was beautiful, relaxing and continues to mesmerize me as I sit and just look out my window.  This photo was taken from my deck.

        Even the fog coming off the lake in the morning is such a beautiful sight! I love watching the sun break through the fog as I have my morning coffee.  The large picture windows in the great room is my viewpoint these days because it is just a tad cool on the porch. The days continue to be sunny after the fog burns off.

      It's a wonder to me how I get anything done around here, but I assure you I am still hard at work putting things in order, making curtains, hanging pictures and buying and/or refinishing old furniture.  Below is the pleated valances I made for the sitting room area.


      I am still trying to "purpose" this room as I continue to look for furniture and rugs to warm up the area. Rosanne brought me some dried hydrangeas on her last visit and we just HAD to go antiquing to find the perfect vase. I think we found it! What do you think?  The table is a table I found in Vienna about 5 years ago and started to sand it down to re-paint it. As I was sanding it, I found the table had a slight slant. I was too lazy to go to the basement, get my saw, level and tape measure so I could level the legs so it was put aside in the garage and  it stayed there until we had the last garage sale before we moved. I was going to sell it but a customer noticed it and asked, how much for the prayer table? Realizing what it was and being so happy I had not leveled it's legs, it now has a new home.   I, however, did not refinish it. I have found a wonderful young woman who did that for me.

   She has done several other pieces for me including the maple bedroom set H had as a boy, which was painted white and distressed and looks great in one of the Jack and Jill bedrooms. . .doesn't it Lala?
   As mentioned  in an earlier blog, my brother-in-law, Paul suggested a small desk be placed in this area to help "purpose" the room. So, on an outing with a friend at a local Flea Market, I happened across a desk that fit the description! It was the right size for the window and it had a chair! After being told the price,($45.00 for both desk and chair), I didn't even bring it home or discuss it with H. I did not pass GO or collect $100, I immediately called my refinisher to see if I could drop it off! Within a week I had  it back and now in it's new home until I find something I might like better.

     The chair seat cushion has now been redone with the same fabric to match the valances.  I still need to find a  nice rug to cozy up and define this area, but for now, this works for me!

     Halloween and Thanksgiving came and went  on The Ridge.We went to Memphis to help celebrate H's mom's 93th birthday which happen to fall on Thanksgiving day this year. I did manage to decorate for both holidays and I love having a chance to get out all my "fun" decor that I have made in the past. I must confess though, that when I was getting out Christmas decorations, I found more Thankgiving and Halloween "stuff" that I had made. .  most of which I had forgotten I had.
    Another room I have finally put together is the powder room on the main floor. I found a local lady the laminates fabric on shades and decided that was what this room needed. The table in this room was also another find back in Virginia but was never refinished. I must say I have kept the local "craftmen" such as an upholsterier and furniture refinisher fairly busy this past six months and now a shade laminater has been added to my list of craftsmen.

   *You may have figured it out by now, but I love going to Flea Markets and repurposing things I find with the help of a new found website called Pinterest. Here are some photos to share. . .

                   When I saw this on Pinterest I went on a quest for old snuff bottles to help me create it for my Thanksgiving decor. Another idea I found in an antique store and decided I could recreate it myself was framing old antique monogramed hankies. I now have found the monogram for everyone in my family and a few friends who have come to visit us. I have them hanging together in the J&J bathroom.  Below is only a few of them. The one with the glare is a H.  I have made 10-12 all together but haven't photographed them. The hardest part was finding the small square frames. . .but that too, is part of the fun. I will post the whole grouping soon. I also made some of these for gifts this past Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas. . . check me out in a few days as I post photos of our first Christmas on the lake, my first craft show in Alabama, several repurposing ideas found on Pinterest and some more completed house projects.
NOTE: As of this past week, I have hung more than 100 pictures in the house! Yay Me! This has been on my TO DO List for a long time.  No more boxes on the stairway landing! I even took the time to print out labels to go on the back of each photo. I put the name, birth/death date and relation to Liz so she will know who these people are.

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